Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Energy Solutions

Solar energy (photovoltaic) power – grid tie / battery backup systems to large scale
‘Solar Parks’ and Micro Distributed Solar
Utilizing the Free Energy from the sun each day

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Wind Energy Solutions

Wind Energy Solutions

Wind Turbine power  utilizing the free energy from the wind , small grid tie / battery charging to a large building or developing
‘Wind Parks’  Wind Mills, Wind Generators, Wind Chargers -> Wind Turbines

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LED Lighting Solutons

LED Lighting Solutions

Most energy efficient lighting LED (Light Emitting Diode) – 60-90% energy savings and virtually eliminates maintenance cost
With 90,000 – 120,000 hours of expected life.  
LED Lighting for Stadiums, Parking Garage or Roadway – Solar and AC power options available[maxbutton id="13"]

Solar and Wind Energy Solutions  *  LED Lighting Solutions

Energy Efficient LED Lighting Technologies Complimented With Alternative Renewable Energy Resources
Providing Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Air Movement Equipment and LED Interior and Exterior Lighting solutions